Range Of Options Available In Air Conditioners

A range of options are available in air conditioners and you can always choose the one that suffices your requirements. If you are living in the US, a range of options exist as most of the air conditioner manufacturers have their locations and operations based in the country.

  • Infinity Air Conditioners
    This air conditioner is much preferred by the users since it has a low range of sound which can be as low as 65 decibels thus providing a cool ambiance to your surroundings. Air conditioners manufactured by Infinity also have two stage compressors and have effective silencer system. You will also get a 10-year parts limited warranty when you opt for purchasing air conditioners from Infinity. If you are looking to purchasing air conditioners from this company, you can check out their website.
  • LG Air Conditioners
    If you have limited space in your home and yet want to have an air conditioner installed, the portable range of air conditioners from LG could be a perfect fit for your home. The air conditioner is available for a price of $299 in the market and comes with innovative features like LED display panel, auto swing, and auto restart feature. The fan speed is also adjustable and this makes the air conditioner suitable to be used in a range of weather conditions. The air conditioner is available in white color and the air filter is also washable in this range of product. The product also comes with one year part and labor warranty, thus making it a preferred choice for air conditioner buyers in the US.
  • Carrier Air Conditioners
    The Performance series of air conditioners from Carrier operates on sound as low as 72 decibels and is a single stage operation air conditioner. This air conditioner is preferred by users since it comes with 10 years limited parts warranty. The air conditioner works on single stage scroll compressor and has been extremely popular since it has a comprehensive follow up system where technicians will always turn up at your home, in the case when the situation so warrants.
  • GE Air Conditioner
    Of all the air conditioner brands which are available in the country, GE is also available across a range of online platforms. This air conditioner comes with 3 cooling and 3 heating options with 3 fan speed controls available. The electronic touch control of GE air conditioner is also remarkable and you will get this air conditioner across all leading retail stores in different states of the country.
  • Friedrich Air Conditioners
    The air conditioner comes with three-speed control option and has a 24-hour timer included which enables the same to be switched on and off when needed. It can be used in wall and window installation and comes with a slide-out chassis. You can get this air conditioner through Brandsmart USA platform as this website give price guarantee and you will be able to get the air conditioner at the best possible price range.
  • Arctic King
    This is one of the air conditioners which are available through the Brandsmart USA platform. The air conditioner comes with a 3-speed cooling and heating function. The washable slide-out filter of this air conditioner ensures that it remains in the best condition always. The air conditioner has electronic touch control feature which makes it unique in the true sense.
  • Window air conditioner
    If you are looking for an air conditioner for your office operations, the window air conditioner from LG could be a perfect fit. The air conditioner is available for a price of $389 in US market and can be purchased from any online web portal or through the nearest retail store of LG. The air conditioner is innovative in the sense that it also works through Wifi connection and has a 4-way deflection system. The air conditioners rotary compressor is distinct and different from similar ones which are present in other range of air conditioners and will make your cooling system impeccable in a home and commercial operations, which way you seek to use the same.