Essental factors to consider about signal jammers

The basic function of a signal jammer is to block the reception between a mobile phone and the cell tower. The device is operated by government officials, especially those in the military, during hostage situations or threats regarding explosives that are triggered using cell phones.

How do signal jammers function?

Signal jammers are known through various terms like cell jammers, text stoppers, and signal blockers. The device blocks the radio frequency of the area in which it is used. So, here there is a blockage of all communication by creating signal traffic. Any mobile devices in the area can neither send nor receive calls and texts. The best signal jammers can block communication for a wide area.

Why are signal jammers used?

Many people feel signal jammers are appropriate to use in places where the use of mobile phones is considered disruptive, like in educational institutes and libraries. However, since these jammers can cause problems with not only cell phones but also WiFi, GPS, and police radar, the Federal Government in the country has banned their use. Only government officials, especially officers of law and military use some of the best signal jammers to get an upper hand during dangerous or life-threatening situations.

Does a signal jammer affect cell phone signal boosters?

Cell phone boosters are used to improve the reception in rural areas or while on the road. They strengthen an existing signal; however, just like cell phone signals and WiFi among others, signal jammers can interfere and block a cell phone signal booster.

Can you buy signal jammers in the country?

It is illegal to use, buy, or sell signal jammers in the U.S. and most other countries. This is because these devices can easily cause disturbance in important or authorized radio communications. According to the Federal Communications Commission, these jammers can risk breaking the line of contact in the public during critical scenarios or interfere with official communications. Such public safety issues cannot be ignored. Also, The Communications Act of 1934 legally protects radio frequencies, so any interference with official radio broadcasts is against the law.

Although signal jammers are frequently seen in movies or TV shows, entertaining the idea of using one in real life is a bad idea. This device is very helpful and should only be operated by authorized officials. Such a device may cause more harm than good if it is in the wrong hands.